Projoy Probiotic a permanent cure for acidity

The Gut Microbiome and Acid Reflux: Causes, Symptoms, and Long-Term Solutions

Acidity causes, symptoms, and the possibility of a permanent cure

According to recent estimates, approximately over half of the Indian population is suffering from acidity.

We are forced to seek acidity medications after every meal to feel better.

But you know there is a much better and natural way for a long-term cure for acidity?

In this article, we will look at the causes of acid reflux as well as possible long-term solutions.

Acid reflux happens when stomach acid overflows from the stomach to the food pipe (esophagus).

The severity of acid reflux depends on the frequency of stomach acid overflow into the esophagus.

Higher the frequency, the more severe the acid reflux is.  

We need acid in our stomach for digestion, but uncontrolled excess acid in the stomach pushes acid into the esophagus.

This continuous acid into the stomach is caused by delayed digestion. As long as there is undigested food in the stomach, acid continues to enter it.

This excess acid eventually makes its way from the stomach to the esophagus, creating acid reflux or heartburn symptoms.

Symptoms of acidity:

  • A burning sensation in the chest
  • Abdominal or chest pains
  • Belching and bloating
  • Feeling of a lump in the throat
  • Unpleasant food or sour liquid in the mouth
  • Fever and cough-like symptoms are sometimes present

Delayed digestion is the reason for acid reflux

When our digestion system is healthy, all the food in the stomach is digested with in 4 hours.

In time digestion will stop the acid into the stomach thus there will be no gastric problems.

The altered or damaged digestive system lacks the essential digestive enzyme thus causing delay in digestion.

This delay in digestion allows excess acid into the stomach and eventually into the esophagus.

Primarily the health and functionality of our digestive system depend on trillions of friendly probiotic microbe that live in our stomach.

Yes, there are a large number of probiotic microbes living in our stomachs. These microbes in the gut are called gut microflora or microbiome.

What is the gut microbiome?

Our gut microbiome or microflora is extremely complex, with trillions of probiotic microbes and over 1000 different species.

In fact, we have more microbes in our gut than human cells.

Much like a fingerprint, every individual gut microflora signature is unique.

The healthiness of our digestive, immune, metabolic, neuronal, and reproductive systems directly depends on gut microflora.

Especially gut probiotic microbes keep our digestive system robust and active.

A healthy digestive system boosts immunity and controls metabolic disorders.

So maintaining a healthy and well-balanced individual's unique gut microflora signature is essential for the overall health of that individual.

Lack of digestive enzymes delays digestion

A healthy human digestive system comprises of a vast group of probiotic microbes aka gut microflora.

Gut microflora is the source of essential digestive enzymes for digestion, as well as enzymes for making vitamins, antioxidants, etc.

Essential enzymes are those that we can't make ourselves but are needed for digestion.

There are several essential enzymes that our gut probiotic microbes gift us with.

One of the most important essential enzymes that our gut microflora provide are the enzymes that digested complex sugar into nutrients.

Another important enzyme is to digest and extract nutrients from fruits, vegetables, teas, and spices.

There are several other enzymes, our gut probiotic microbes release into our gut for digestion and absorption of nutrients.

Shortage in any of these essential enzymes limits our ability to digest and absorption nutrients.

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A damaged gut microbiome is a reason for the lack of digestive enzymes

The higher density and diversity of gut probiotic microbes make our gut microflora well-balanced and healthy.

A well-balanced gut microbiome consists of more helpful probiotic microbes.

Increased levels of dangerous microbes, acidity, constipation, indigestion, IBS, etc. are all symptoms of a damaged or unbalanced gut microbiome.

Stress, antibiotics, food choices, and lifestyle changes are some of the factors that damage the health and balance of gut probiotic microbes.

These factors will alter the diversity and, in some cases, the density of gut probiotic microbes, creating imbalance and damage to the microbiome.

This imbalance in the diversity of probiotic microbes in the stomach may create a lack of certain essential enzymes.

This is the reason that every individual has sensitivity towards different food items for acidity.

Indigestion or partial digestion allows excess acid into the stomach and leaks into the esophagus.

The lack of these essential enzymes limits our ability to digest and absorption nutrients.


How do Projoy probiotic food supplement powders cure acid reflux permanently?

Imbalanced or damaged gut probiotic microbes are the primary cause of heartburn.

Repairing or restoring damaged gut microflora restores the diversity of stomach probiotic microbes.

Projoy Probiotics are formulated to repair and restore the density and diversity of once unique gut microflora signature.

Most of the probiotics in tablet form lack the complexity to restore the damaged gut.

Most times probiotic tablets try to alter individual unique gut signatures which is no good.

Whereas Projoy Probiotic powder replaces harmful pathogenic microbes and provides an environment for native microbes to grow back.

Regrowth of native stomach microbes allows restoration of his or her unique gut signature.

Projoy Probiotic powder contains unique microbes, that thrive in stomach acid.

The time it takes to restore gut health with probiotics can be from days to months. Varies between individuals depending on their eating and lifestyle habits.

Probiotic dietary supplements help to reestablish the individual gut microbiome's distinctive profile, which triggers the production of all required digesting enzymes.

Restored gut microflora restores digestive health with all the required enzymes.

Acidity home remedies like drinking a glass of cold milk or water provide temporary relief from acidity.

Acidity medicines only treat the symptoms and worsen acidity symptoms over time. Proton pump inhibitors, among other acidity tablets, have numerous side effects.

Once acidity sets in controlling high-fat, spicy food, or changing food and lifestyle habits may yield limited results.  

On the other hand, Projoy Probiotic food supplement powders will help in fixing the underlying cause of acidity.

Projoy Probiotic powder offers a long-lasting, possibly permanent treatment for your acidity.

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