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Projoy Probiotic

Restore Lasting Health

Restore Lasting Health

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In order to protect our health, the diversity, and density of gut-friendly microorganisms are crucial.
Long-term health and happiness are directly correlated with strengthening intestinal health.

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Store in a cool place

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Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Oja Srivastav
good for ibs and gas

I have always suffered from a host of tummy issues including irritable bowl syndrome, bloating and gas. I decided to try these probiotics and what a difference it makes!
I tried all recommended ways by the company, but it is excellent with curd for me. Parcitulary l liked the smell and there is no aftertaste. The label does not say when to consume so started taking morning with breakfast and the second time with dinner and so far it has helped my issues surprisingly quickly and I am very satisfied with these.

Anita M
So far so good!!! Hoping for better

I was so desperate to get rid of my severe cramps during my periods, I decided to give Projoy Probiotic a try. After taking the probiotics for two weeks, I started to see some improvements - my cramps are relatively less painful. Projoy team said it will take about four to six months to see the full benefits of probiotics, so I hope I will feel much better over that period. On another note, coincidently I noticed the pimples on my face are also coming down. I am not sure if this is anything to do with probiotic consumption. Either way, Projoy Probiotic is definitely worth a shot.

Satya keerthana
This is a trustworthy product!!!

I've been using these for quite a while I can feel my daily life improved. I'm an athlete and I can feel improvement in my performance. used to fall sick but after this, I'm better and I can feel it. I've tried many probiotics out there in the market and these are one of those few genuine products .its a must-try for everyone who cares about their overall health.