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Projoy Probiotic

Maintain Feel-Good Health (Zero Sugar)

Maintain Feel-Good Health (Zero Sugar)

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  • Get rid of digestive issues, immunity problems, and poor metabolism with Projoy Probiotic Powder.
  • Enjoy the delicious natural ingredients in a scientifically formulated Projoy Probiotic powder that gives your body the boost it needs.
  • Experience the power of Projoy Probiotic with no added sugar, and no preservatives for proven protection against infections.
  • Suitable for all ages - men, women, children, and pregnant women alike!
  • Make a smart choice for your health - get Projoy Probiotic Powder today!

Care Instructions

Store in a cool place

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Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Puneet Sharma
takes time but works

I recently started using Projoy Probiotic and it has been a game changer for my acidity problems. It took some time for the probiotic to build up in my system, but once it did I start noticing a huge difference. I take two tablespoons of Projoy every day and can honestly say that I have never felt better!

more energy!!!

I was skeptical when I first tried Projoy Probiotic. Even though I was generally healthy, eating organic food and living an active lifestyle, I still felt fatigue and weak. However, after taking Projoy Probiotic for some time, my energy levels improved significantly! It definitely works and is worth a try if you are feeling low on energy.

Pooja Jha

I've been taking Projoy Probiotic for a few weeks now and I'm already feeling the difference. My stomach discomfort has decreased significantly, I don't feel bloated anymore, and my early acidity symptoms have disappeared. It's amazing how quickly it works! I highly recommend Projoy Probiotic to anyone who is looking for relief from mild stomach issues.

Mohan Krishna

This is the best product for good health and immune system. I am using this for last one month and it works amazing for gastric problems. My whole family using this product.

Great product!

Product is very good. I am not a fan of milk, so was a little concerned as this is a fermented milk product. However, my tummy and taste buds do not seem to have a problem with this product. The vanilla flavoring definitely helps to mask any smell and taste of milk. A pleasant side effect is improved quality of nails. I recommend manufacturer to label whether milk is from cow, buffalo, goat etc.