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Happy Kid (Chocolate)

Happy Kid (Chocolate)

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Kids' growth and development depend on the density and diversity of the gut microbiome

A microbiome is a group of probiotic microbes that are part of our body. Probiotics are helpful microbes that are part of our body aka the microbiome. Most of the microbiome in our body is present in our stomach aka "gut".

As infants, we acquire microbiome from our mothers during birth and later through mothers' milk, the food we eat, and the environment we live in.

The microbiome is the key interface between the body and the environment and can affect health in many ways.

Growing kids need building blocks like carbs, protein, lipids, etc. for healthy development and energy to sustain it. The gut microbiome plays an important role in both functions. without a healthy gut, our body can't get the energy and building blocks that we need.

Hence kids' development and energy levels are directly linked to the healthiness of the gut microbiome. For every strong and healthy kid, there is a well-balanced gut microbiome behind it.

A damaged or imbalanced gut microbiome contains more harmful microbes and causes and hampers kids' growth and the ability to learn, focus, and memory.

Lack of energy, focus, and learning disabilities are some of the most common problems resulting from an imbalanced gut microbiome in kids along with digestive and immune issues.

Projoy Probiotics are delicious probiotic-rich food supplements, to ensure a well-balanced gut microbiome for the entire family.

Projoy probiotic's unique formula repairs the gut microbiome and brings balance to health.

Regular consumption of Projoy probiotic-rich food will help:

  • Boosts Immunity
  • Improves digestion and absorption of nutrients
  • Block and destroy toxins from entering the body
  • Restores enzymes & hormonal health

Expected Projoy Probiotics Benefits:

  • Fewer infections
  • Fatigue free learning
  • Enhanced focus and memory
  • Keeps gut barrier integrity

Achieving strong and healthy development in kids is easy. Eat or drink Projoy Probiotics, once a day to maintain a well-balanced gut microbiome.

Just eat one to two tablespoons of Projoy probiotic-rich food supplement or mix and enjoy with milk or curd or juice or water.

Projoy Probiotics are trusted and recommended by doctors and nutritionists for kids, and it's 100% natural products.

Care Instructions

Store in a cool place

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